This award winning writer and film producer makes his home in the desert southwest. Gargoyle is the third book in a trilogy, preceded by: The Apocalypse Agenda and The Empire of the Dead. He is the author of The Chu-Chi Chronicles and the screenplay for the film, The Hoax…

Walker O’Brien created the enduring characters that populate his books beginning in the year 2000 with the publication of his first novel The Apocalypse Agenda. The first book introduces Ben Fitzgerald, a retired CIA counterterrorism officer, as he faces a personal crisis and eventually returns to CIA.

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“The adventure starts on page one.”

The Hoax

A psychiatrist’s wife is gunned down by her husbands crazed patient outside a fine restaurant. Alien abductions, serial hit-and-run murders, missing persons and horrors committed by unknown creatures, bring this story into focus. Inspired by the real events of the ‘Phoenix Lights’.


Ben Fitzgerald must stop a former colleague from selling black market nuclear arms to terrorists. But, first Ben has to find the rogue agent, Gargoyle. That won’t be easy, since the CIA thought he had been killed in the World Trade Center attack on 9-11.

Empire of the Dead

CIA operative Ben Fitzgerald must stop a Russian Mobster who is using a former KGB remote viewer to access United States missile launch codes in an effort to reclaim the former USSR for himself.

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Chu-Chi Chronicles

In the interest of providing adventure for the younger reader, Walker O’Brien has written The Chu-Chi Chronicles. A three story novel (3 separate stories in the book). The Chu-Chi Chronicles: Chu Chi and his sled dog pals live in central Canada, have big adventures and can talk.

The adventure starts on page one.

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