“The adventure starts on page one.”

Walker O’Brien, award winning writer and film producer.

Walker O’Brien This award winning writer and film producer makes his home in the desert southwest. Gargoyle is the third book in a trilogy, preceded by: The Apocalypse Agenda and The Empire of the Dead. He is the author of The Chu-Chi Chronicles and the screenplay for the film, The Hoax… Walker O’Brien created the enduring characters that populate his books beginning in the year 2000 with the publication of his first novel The Apocalypse Agenda. The first book introduces Ben Fitzgerald, a retired CIA counterterrorism officer, as he faces a personal crisis and eventually returns to CIA.

As events unfold, we discover that a terrorism plot is being mounted against the domestic territory of the United States and little time remains to stop it. Recombinant DNA is being used to develop hybrid viruses and weaponized using a method originally designed by third Reich scientists. It is a race against time, as Neo-Nazi forces move against the world. This book was released eight months BEFORE the 9-11 attacks occurred.

The second book in the series, The Empire of the Dead, takes Ben and the CIA team into conflict with a renegade Russian mobster who, spirals into madness, using a remote viewer to access nuclear weapons launch codes. This madman tries to put the dismantled USSR back together and under his personal control. Sound familiar? Think Putin in 2014. The Empire of the Dead was released in 2002.

In the most recent entry into the series, Gargoyle, Ben Fitzgerald must locate a former colleague and stop him before he brokers a deal to sell arms to a terror cell. One problem; his colleague, code name Gargoyle, is believed to have been killed in the World Trade Center attacks on 9-11.

Exploring a different theme, Walker O’Brien has also written a collection of three novellas published in one book, The Chu-Chi Chronicles. This collection of three stories follow the adventures of a team of sled dogs in Canada, as they grow up and have life changing adventures. Oh, the dogs talk and treat their humans as you might expect. Each story has its own moral message and is intended to teach as well as entertain. Written for the 8 to 12 year old audience, the book offers a fun adventure series that we can all love.