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Walker O’Brien has an ongoing association with Stoney Creek Productions along with Bird Productions, the two have prepared several projects for development.

The following scripts are currently  in development with Bird productions:

  • Jivaros: Head hunter’s Cave: Thomas Pinn spent much of his professional life researching the history and traditions of the Jivaros tribe of Central America. This infamous tribe of headhunters have long been know for their vicious and bloodthirsty traditions, but Pinn wanted to know what motivated this ruthless group to become the most dreaded natives in all of the Americas. He found out. Read More 
  • Skidmarks is a popular hangout for the affluent, mid-life crisis prone, over achievers of North Scottsdale, Arizona. Rolex riders, doctors, lawyers, business executives, and those with a bit of extra cash are tricking out their Harleys and showing off at the area’s popular “biker bar”, Skidmarks… but only on the weekends. Work pulls most of these baby boomers away during the week, leaving the bar to an entirely different clientele. Read More
  • The Tomes:  Long lost rituals and incantations for controlling the natural forces on earth are handed down to Noah before the flood, then recorded in two Tomes for posterity. They have been missing for thousands of years, until now.
  • The Chrysalis:  An ancient creature has been released from a jungle tomb and is about to become very important to a group of college researchers.
  • Canines:  Werewolves have operated a successful family business, in plain sight, for years until feuding siblings threaten the exposure of the group and seek to change the way things have been done for so long.